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Common Tests

Examples include CBC, CMP, TSH, Urinalysis, etc.

Tests to determine general health status may include a complete blood count (CBC), coagulation testing to discern bleeding abnormalities, endocrine testing for thyroid and status of reproductive hormones, urinalysis to monitor diabetes or kidney disease, cultures to diagnose and treat infections, and metabolic panels for lipid profiles, organ system function, electrolyte, and fluid balance.

Infectious Disease


Respiratory Viruses/Fungus 

Urinary Tract Infections

GI Infections

Sexually Transmitted Infections

Molecular diagnostic methods identify infectious diseases and antibiotic drug resistance by isolating the invading viral or bacterial DNA or RNA from a patient wound, urine, saliva or respiratory sample.

Medication Management

Urine Drug Screen

Urine Toxicology Definitive

Saliva Toxicology Definitive

Medication management is a critical part of monitoring health, patient safety, reducing adverse drug effects, and preventing addiction to controlled substances. Get the right test, at the right time every time with inSightRx from inHealth Life Sciences.

Mail in Micro Testing



Basic Blood Chemistries

Infectious Disease

Many tests can be collected at home and simply mailed using microsampling collections.  Microsampling is a less invasive way to collect a finger-prick blood sample, saliva swab, or a dab of urine on filter paper that can be analyzed to determine patient health status.