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Solo is a single-tier lab test ordering platform that simplifies provider work flow for all lab related requests - Solo's goal is to eliminate the need to use multiple systems and work flows to order tests, supplies, or service.

In everything we do, we work to make healthcare more affordable, more accessible, and available to everyone. Laboratory diagnostics are critical tools for physicians. The laboratory industry is highly fragmented and is often times frustrating for rushed providers to place lab orders that go to a myriad of laboratories, each with its own rules, supplies and portals... Until now.

Cut the clutter and go Solo

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Mission / Vision


We are all consumers of healthcare. We share concerns about the quality, cost, and accessibility of our healthcare services.


We are problem solvers with experience as patients, as operators in medical practices and laboratories, and as experts in revenue cycle management.

Solo is our solution to the challenges that we've faced as consumers, providers and healthcare business owners.


Solo was designed to deliver care, harmonize practice workflow, and introduce new and exciting laboratory tests to providers and patients.

We accomplish this by understanding each stakeholder's objectives, and creating solutions that focus on the full healthcare experience from each shareholder perspective.


Solo is an acronym meaning "software optimized lab ordering." Solo is built on modern data architecture and logic that introduces artificial intelligence (AI) into the ordering process to drive efficiencies and provide fast order guidance.


Solo aggregates and interrates order data that helps alleviate providers' decision and data fatigue. Solo quickly delivers bite size order data points to the ordering provider.

Solo's architecture also offers the most unique self service functions for labs and providers alike, making service a real-time in platform reality.


Higher value and lower cost across the  care continuum

Solo's unique and simple lab ordering platform presents all the relevant data providers need as they need it. Solo's brings providers, patients, and laboratories access, cost, and reimbursement value in a harmonious platform.


Providing an optimal point of order experience through a powerful fun and friendly single-tier platform. Here's how.

01. We Know the User

Most lab modules in a EMR/HR are not simple, friendly, or intuitive. UX begins and ends at demographics migration. Most providers ordering in lab portal software feel the same about the portal experience. We know because we were also EMR/HR and portal users. 

Solo was designed to be an EMR/HR laboratory companion that makes ordering labs friendly, intuitive, fast, and thorough.

02. Globalize Lab Workflow 

Solo was engineered to optimize efficiency regarding laboratory related workflows in medical clinics by consolidating all the different lab specialties and providers into one software.  Quickly place test orders, supply orders, and perform simple self service adjustments to your service in the same platform for all the labs a practice uses.

03. Lower Patient Costs

By setting test-specific guidance, Solo helps acquaint providers with test payment rules. The goal is not to provide guidance that suggests how the provider practices medicine, but rather to present pathways to ensure that testing can be delivered to meet clinical needs with minimal patient cost. 

04. Reduce Order Entry Fatigue

Most labs adhere to the same payment qualification rules, but many have different workflows even within the same software. Solo makes it simple to meet the payment rules by following a simplified set of logic driven rules that narrows based on test type and clinical reasoning for testing.

05. Pace of Ordering

Being fast and accurate is key to workflow optimization. Solo's quick, intuitive, and AI enhanced order builder helps speed lab order entry to mere seconds. 

06. New Tests - Same Workflow

Adding new laboratories and their new breakthrough testing  technologies isn't the challenge. Adding them in a manner follows the same ordering logic and workflow is one of the challenges that Solo handles seamlessly.

07. Test at Home Options

Care delivery is getting closer to home. Solo accesses convenient patient services such as GetLabs to help providers deliver laboratory services right to patient homes. Each requisition has a unique QR code that allows patients in mobile service areas to access direct to home services.  



Solo is built on data architecture that can play in the sandboxes of all major healthcare data systems. 

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