Solo is a cloud-based service that combines all lab ordering into one simple work flow - eliminating the need to use multiple systems to order your tests from third party laboratories. 

In everything we do, we work to make healthcare more affordable, more accessible, and available to everyone. Laboratory diagnostics are critical tools for physicians. The laboratory industry is highly fragmented and is often times frustrating for rushed providers to place lab orders that go to a myriad of laboratories, each with its own rules, supplies and portals... Until now.

Cut the clutter and go solo;

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In everything we do, we believe in making healthcare more affordable, more accessible, and bringing the best healthcare has to offer to everyone. 


We are a team of healthcare executives, laboratory scientists, software engineers, and entrepreneurs who set out to streamline a very fragmented laboratory industry. 


SOLO is our answer to eliminating the need to order lab tests from several different systems. Short for "software optimized lab ordering," SOLO conveniently orders all the tests you need quickly and easily. Artificial intelligence helps with ordering pathways and clinical decision support, and then determines where to send the order based on locality, specialty, and payer. SOLO delivers efficiency, quality, and value to the patient, provider, and payer. 


Real-time data across the  care continuum

Solo's unique and simple lab ordering platform provides incredible real-time data to guide medical staff through the ordering process. The care continuum is patient-centric and so is SOLO. 


SOLO empowers users to continue care through their entire network of providers, no matter their system affiliation. Continuity happens when the healthcare experience is shared between the patient and all care providers.


Providing an optimal point of order experience through a powerful fun and friendly single-source platform.

01. User Experience

The user experience features of solo present the user with information in a format designed to optimize pace, accuracy, and user understanding of the order. The logical progression of each order reduces preventable ordering errors and rejections. The visual experience is friendly and simple.

02. More Testing Capability 

solo; was engineered to deliver more testing from clinics, but without causing the workflow burden brought on by this task. 70% of all medical decisions are based on diagnostic test results, yet more than 30% of diagnostic requests go unfulfilled because of inconveniences imposed on patients and providers alike. solo; prevents providers from having to separate requisitions, separate lab supplies, and allocating valuable space. solo; will help you to get more testing done with less space than your existing setup.

03. Over-utilization Deterrent

By setting test-specific guidance, solo; helps acquaint providers with the payer test payment rules. solo; is not to be confused with other clinical decision support software. The goal is not to provide guidance that suggests how the provider practices medicine. solo; just presents the facts so that the doctor can practice medicine on an individual level.

04. Situational Awareness

Intelligent ordering provides patient testing history, possible medication interactions, and guidance to align narrative reasons with ICD-10 requirements.

05. Encounter Success

Some tests can put patients at odds with their providers. Drug testing comes to mind. solo; helps medical assistants to understand result possibilities from prescribed drugs and possible metabolic interferences in polymedication patients. Additionally, affirmative resulting language focuses MAs and providers on patient education versus punishment.

06. Single Source

solo; also means a single source for your laboratory activity. From ordering tests to requesting supplies and services like pickups and deliveries. In addition solo; automatically selects which transportation route your samples will take for the best service. solo; was developed to be a friendly and easy-to-use non-platform environment.

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